The Pros & Cons of Embroidered Patch Backings

If you are considering purchasing a customized embroidered patch, the next step is deciding what type of backing is right for your garment. Your choice is important, as it will determine the longevity of your design and will ultimately affect the quality of the item you attach it to.
These are the three most common types of patch backings.
• Heat Seal – Iron-on
• Velcro Backing – Hook and loop
• Adhesive Backing – Stick on
Each of these backings comes with a set of pros and cons, which we have broken down for you below.
Iron-on Backing—Pros & Cons
An Iron-on backing for your patch will provide temporary security for your design. Most iron on backings are used for holding a patch in place during the sewing process, but they can also be used for ceremonial or causal garments that aren’t worn for exercise or training. A good rule of thumb is that if you plan to do any strenuous exercise in the garment you’re attaching the patch to, don’t use an Iron on backing as the only method to secure your patch.
Pros & Cons
• Great for Ceremonial Clothing
• Best Avoided for Heavily Worn and Laundered Garments
Velcro Backing—Pros & Cons
Most Velcro backing material comes in either a Hook-Sided (male) or a Two-sided (male & female) style. Hook-sided Velcro is well suited for clothing that is frequently adjusted or altered with new patches, such as military garments or police uniforms. Two-sided Velcro patches are ideal for clothing that does not already have a loop fastener attached.
In regards to pros and cons, Velcro backing offers:
• Flexibility (you can remove or reapply your patch at will)
• Durability (you can remove the patch before washing garments which makes it last longer)
• Cons include a lack of permanency for your patch
Adhesive Backing—Pros & Cons
One of the most popular forms of embroidered patch backings is adhesive backing. Convenient, easy to use, and perfect for one-time events adhesive backing is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in a short-term patch application. However, if you want your patch to stay on your garment for a certain amount of time, then it might not be right for you.
Advantages and disadvantages include:
• Ease of Application
• Perfect for short-term use
• Not ideal for long-term patchwork or permanent applications.
Depending on the type of backing you decide on, you will need an expert to design the patch for you in the first place. If you need a custom patch created, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

Soccer Patches that Standout

Show Team Support with Soccer Patches that Standout

If you love Soccer, or have a child who plays in a soccer league, then you might be curious as to the possibilities of the best way to display your support. One of the most popular ways for die-hard fans to showcase their support is through customized soccer patches. But how can you make your patch stand out from other fans and teams, and what are your options?
Start with the Color
Color is critical to the way your patch looks. If you choose the wrong color, it won’t matter how awesome your logo is. So start by choosing a color the matches your team or one that represents an aspect about the team that you are particularly proud of. Greens, yellows, and reds are easily identifiable, so if you want to draw attention pick one of these bright colors. Black, white, and blues represent more serious teams, and are great for professional soccer patches. Of course, if you simply want to match your team’s current logo design and its colors then make sure you get the right shade. You will be amazed how big a difference a shade higher or lower will make in the final patch design.
Incorporate a Logo
Choosing the perfect logo design is especially important if you are creating a new team design package, but if you already have a logo in mind be sure and include it on the soccer patch. This is by far the easiest aspect in soccer patch design work.
Make your team proud by creating a unique soccer patch that symbolizes their superiority. You will be amazed at how incredible your design can turn out if you do your research and work with a team who understands your needs.
To learn more about having custom soccer patches made, visit Embroidery patches or call 201-573-6200.

Biker Patches

The Biker Patch. A symbol of unity, community, and an identifier of what a group believes and lives by. While in times past bikers were given a bad reputation by a few ‘bad apples’, today many biker clubs work to improve their community and establish a safe haven for the less fortunate.
To make your club stand out, you need a patch that speaks to what it is you stand for. A one-size fits all style patch will not do your cause justice, it should be customized according to your likes and dislikes. The easiest way to do this is to partner with a company who understands the importance of getting it right.
But what are some important things you should keep in mind when selecting your biker patch?

How to Choose the Right Biker Patch

There are several ways to make sure you end up with an incredible biker patch for your club. A few ways to do so are listed below.
• Incorporate your motto or slogan into the patch. Most designs are based off of a logo coupled with a slogan that surrounds the graphic. With new methods now available for patch artwork, design potential is limitless.
• Represent your club with the right font. Do you prefer a stern tone or a friendly one? Your answer will determine the type of font appropriate for your patch.
• Come up with a basic design and put it on paper. The best way to make sure your patch has the meaning you want is to sketch it out first. This will prevent any misunderstanding between you and the designer.
If you need assistance in coming up with the perfect design for you or your biker club’s patch, then contact us. We are skilled at logo and design work, and our inventory of colors and dyes gives you an endless selection to choose from. We can be reached online at or call 201-573-6200.

Are Woven Patches a Better Option?

You can use woven patches in approximately the same manner as you would use embroidered patches. They are basically composed of a thinner thread which is woven together into the fabric rather than being embroidered on the twill background. This makes them the ideal solution for those of you who have a patch which consists of a very complex design that cannot be achieved using an embroidered patch. The woven patches are manufactured in their entirety using thread and consist of finer details which give a very smooth appearance and feel that blends in very nicely with the surroundings. They can also be used for achieving photographic realism, and are ideal for those of you who want to get patches with designs of gradients, landscapes and human faces on them even on very small spaces.

If you compare an embroidered patch with a woven patch, the differences would be very much noticeable once you place samples of both side by side with each other. The first thing you would notice is that the details in the woven patch can be much clearer and finer. However, despite the differences which are in favor of woven patches, most individuals tend to prefer embroidered patches more because of the belief that they are of better quality. Embroidered patches continue to remain a standard choice in the industry. If you have a design which has a lot of intricate detail with small letters, then woven patches can be a better choice for you. It helps to truly capture the various fine details without compromising on their quality. As far as the pricing of woven patches are concerned, they are priced almost the same as embroidered patches.

However, woven patches will give your design a rather two dimension feel as compared to the embroidered ones which give a rather embossed and three dimensional more lively look. Also, the machines used for manufacturing woven patches have an 8 color limit as compared to those used for embroidery patches which are capable of giving 12 colors in your design. Deciding which kind of patch you would want to get is totally up to you depending on your requirements and needs.

To learn more about having custom woven patches made, visit Embroidery patches or call 201-573-6200.

Embroidered Patches to Celebrate Your Identity

These days, embroidered patches have become very popular amongst individuals who use them for displaying their affiliation or membership with a particular group or organization. Hardly a day would pass by in our lives where one would not come across someone wearing an embroidered patch on his/her uniform or clothes. Whether they are members of motorcycle club, police force, bass masters, army troops, or scouts amongst others, they all use embroidered patches to send out a statement defining their pride in being associated with their respective organizations. In fact, embroidered patches can be used for identification purposes since they are supposed to indicate your association with a special group, or may also be used to show that you have been able to achieve a particular milestone or accomplished something big which is why you are being allowed to wear one. Due to their immense importance and the kind of appeal embroidered patches have in society, organizations and clubs spend a lot of time and energy in coming up with a design which would rightly display their status and pride.
Therefore, if you are also interested in creating a custom embroidered patch for your organization or club, the first step is to hire a graphic artist who has a lot of experience with developing unique designs for patches. Most patch manufacturers and suppliers these days tend to hire graphic artists of their own. You can either choose to have an existing design or logo digitized for the designing of embroidered patches or you may also have a completely new design developed for your brand. Please remember that the better the quality of the embroidery, the better your custom embroidered patches will look and stand out. The good news is that a large number of reputed manufacturers of patches in the industry are offering their customers free artwork and setup together with a digitized sew out. This provides you a great opportunity to check out how your design would look like when it is stitched. Initially, embroidered patches were ordered by armed outfits and they used them for the identification of individuals belonging to specific units or ranks. They are still widely used in the military for not only identification purposes but also for raising the morale of the soldiers deployed. However a large number of organizations use custom embroidered patches, with the most prominent users being law enforcement agencies. Fire departments from around the world have developed a fine tradition for their use of embroidered patches. Professional and commercial organization use these custom patches as marketing tools for promoting their businesses and also for the identification of their current employees. Moreover, various brands encourage their customers to wear embroidered patches on their clothes, while some individuals tend to collect them as a hobby. Other organizations that use embroidered patches on a very wide scale are the many scouting groups. They award patches to those scouts and members who have been able to successful clear and master certain skills and ranks after completing a project. These embroidered patches happen to be a great way to celebrate the spirit of the organization and its ideals. Some custom patches are of collector’s value, and may even fetch thousands of dollars from interested people in auctions or stores which sell such items.
Overall, embroidered patches happen to be very ubiquitous and easily catch the attention of onlookers. This is why you need to take special care when designing them and also hiring a quality supplier to get the job done for you. A quality embroidered patch will send out a strong statement about your identity.
For more information on having custom patches embroidered patches made please visit us online at or call 201-573-6200.

Custom Patches

A number of organizations from around the world use custom patches to represent and for identification purposes of their employees, workers or representatives. Custom patches are particularly popular with schools, colleges, military and law enforcement agencies together with sporting teams who place orders for specially designed patches which would meet their personal needs and requirements, and would represent the motto and vision of their setup. Custom patches have very intricate designs and are designed very carefully so that they would be able to meet the specific purpose for which they have been developed. The purpose of custom patches is obviously special identification and recognition to differentiate these organizations from the others. They would contain the name of the organization together with their logo, and a design which would be exclusive to them to create a personalized identity. Some large organizations may spend a huge amount of time and money on designing and getting their patches manufactured as it is a matter of their owner, and would actually hire professional designers for creating them and get the best possible material to have them manufactured for. Embroidered materials are often used in the creation of custom patches. Moreover, wearing these patches is compulsory in certain organizations including armed forces and sporting teams, and custom patches may also contain the name of the person wearing them. Sporting teams participating in competitions make sure that their players are wearing their personalized custom patches so that they could be identified as representing the teams themselves. They often have the patches embedded into the dress material and the uniforms come with these patches attached.
In other organizations, custom patches happen to be in high demand all over the world and even private companies where workers wear uniforms make it mandatory for employees to wear them at all times. Some orchestra bands and musical choirs also have their participants wear custom patches for better identification. Considering how popular custom patches are, numerous businesses are now involves in the manufacturing of various types of personalized patches containing some amazing embroidery work which represents the reputation and status enjoyed by these organizations. Embroidery work on some of these custom patches are very intricate and precise, and organizations are very particular about the quality of the design and material used in the development of these patches. Patches are indeed a matter of honor and respect, and are used for recognition purposes. We live in an age where there is a lot of stifling competition amongst organizations, and in this respect, patches play an important role in highlighting the brand name or title of the organization that they are representing.
The design of these patches may differ in accordance to the organization that they are representing. For example, military custom patches would have a very formal look while those of sports teams would have a rather competitive feel to them. Custom patches also act as adornments on uniforms and should be stitched very carefully since they act as representatives of the organizations themselves. For more information on having custom patches custom patches made please visit us online at or call 201-573-6200.

Embroidery Patches

Embroidery patches have become very popular around the world. We are now coming up with various innovative methods and techniques to speed up the process of production and will show a lot of flexibility as far as the shape and designs of the embroidery patches. You may even customize and develop your own designs. Embroidery patches have been traditional used by clubs, associations and companies to highlight their individual identity.
The number of people placing orders for embroidery patches has increased drastically over the past few years. Technology has allowed for diversification of options and production techniques. We now can make their delivery within the first seven to ten days after the order has been placed along with a guarantee of quality. Please make sure you proof read through your design before placing your order and ensure that everything is in accordance with your requirements and needs. You will be surprised to see the kind of choices and variety you have when it comes to the design of embroidery patches. You will also be eligible for a significant discount in price on the embroidery patches if you place a large order. The sewn and iron on embroidery patches happen to be the most commonly found ones and are extremely popular. They tend to give the feeling that the embroidered patch is actually a part of the clothes that you are wearing. You can decide the colors, size, materials, and backings of the patches. Please do not hesitate in anyway when expressing your plans and what exactly you have in mind for your embroidery patches. Obviously, embroidery patches have to be unique in order to get instantly recognized. They can also be used to celebrate a particular accomplishment in life or express a meaningful statement. Embroidery patches should be something that would leave behind a lasting impression to onlookers.
If you happen to be representing a sports team, scout group, biker club or any other organization, you should consider choosing an embroidery patch. Embroidery patches can also be symbol of individual achievements and give your team much needed recognition while helping team unity. To learn more about having a custom embroidery patches made for your school, visit Embroidery patches or call 201-573-6200.