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Soccer Patches that Standout

Show Team Support with Soccer Patches that Standout

If you love Soccer, or have a child who plays in a soccer league, then you might be curious as to the possibilities of the best way to display your support. One of the most popular ways for die-hard fans to showcase their support is through customized soccer patches. But how can you make your patch stand out from other fans and teams, and what are your options?
Start with the Color
Color is critical to the way your patch looks. If you choose the wrong color, it won’t matter how awesome your logo is. So start by choosing a color the matches your team or one that represents an aspect about the team that you are particularly proud of. Greens, yellows, and reds are easily identifiable, so if you want to draw attention pick one of these bright colors. Black, white, and blues represent more serious teams, and are great for professional soccer patches. Of course, if you simply want to match your team’s current logo design and its colors then make sure you get the right shade. You will be amazed how big a difference a shade higher or lower will make in the final patch design.
Incorporate a Logo
Choosing the perfect logo design is especially important if you are creating a new team design package, but if you already have a logo in mind be sure and include it on the soccer patch. This is by far the easiest aspect in soccer patch design work.
Make your team proud by creating a unique soccer patch that symbolizes their superiority. You will be amazed at how incredible your design can turn out if you do your research and work with a team who understands your needs.
To learn more about having custom soccer patches made, visit Embroidery patches or call 201-573-6200.

Biker Patches

The Biker Patch. A symbol of unity, community, and an identifier of what a group believes and lives by. While in times past bikers were given a bad reputation by a few ‘bad apples’, today many biker clubs work to improve their community and establish a safe haven for the less fortunate.
To make your club stand out, you need a patch that speaks to what it is you stand for. A one-size fits all style patch will not do your cause justice, it should be customized according to your likes and dislikes. The easiest way to do this is to partner with a company who understands the importance of getting it right.
But what are some important things you should keep in mind when selecting your biker patch?

How to Choose the Right Biker Patch

There are several ways to make sure you end up with an incredible biker patch for your club. A few ways to do so are listed below.
• Incorporate your motto or slogan into the patch. Most designs are based off of a logo coupled with a slogan that surrounds the graphic. With new methods now available for patch artwork, design potential is limitless.
• Represent your club with the right font. Do you prefer a stern tone or a friendly one? Your answer will determine the type of font appropriate for your patch.
• Come up with a basic design and put it on paper. The best way to make sure your patch has the meaning you want is to sketch it out first. This will prevent any misunderstanding between you and the designer.
If you need assistance in coming up with the perfect design for you or your biker club’s patch, then contact us. We are skilled at logo and design work, and our inventory of colors and dyes gives you an endless selection to choose from. We can be reached online at or call 201-573-6200.