Are Woven Patches a Better Option?

You can use woven patches in approximately the same manner as you would use embroidered patches. They are basically composed of a thinner thread which is woven together into the fabric rather than being embroidered on the twill background. This makes them the ideal solution for those of you who have a patch which consists of a very complex design that cannot be achieved using an embroidered patch. The woven patches are manufactured in their entirety using thread and consist of finer details which give a very smooth appearance and feel that blends in very nicely with the surroundings. They can also be used for achieving photographic realism, and are ideal for those of you who want to get patches with designs of gradients, landscapes and human faces on them even on very small spaces.

If you compare an embroidered patch with a woven patch, the differences would be very much noticeable once you place samples of both side by side with each other. The first thing you would notice is that the details in the woven patch can be much clearer and finer. However, despite the differences which are in favor of woven patches, most individuals tend to prefer embroidered patches more because of the belief that they are of better quality. Embroidered patches continue to remain a standard choice in the industry. If you have a design which has a lot of intricate detail with small letters, then woven patches can be a better choice for you. It helps to truly capture the various fine details without compromising on their quality. As far as the pricing of woven patches are concerned, they are priced almost the same as embroidered patches.

However, woven patches will give your design a rather two dimension feel as compared to the embroidered ones which give a rather embossed and three dimensional more lively look. Also, the machines used for manufacturing woven patches have an 8 color limit as compared to those used for embroidery patches which are capable of giving 12 colors in your design. Deciding which kind of patch you would want to get is totally up to you depending on your requirements and needs.

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