The Pros & Cons of Embroidered Patch Backings

If you are considering purchasing a customized embroidered patch, the next step is deciding what type of backing is right for your garment. Your choice is important, as it will determine the longevity of your design and will ultimately affect the quality of the item you attach it to.
These are the three most common types of patch backings.
• Heat Seal – Iron-on
• Velcro Backing – Hook and loop
• Adhesive Backing – Stick on
Each of these backings comes with a set of pros and cons, which we have broken down for you below.
Iron-on Backing—Pros & Cons
An Iron-on backing for your patch will provide temporary security for your design. Most iron on backings are used for holding a patch in place during the sewing process, but they can also be used for ceremonial or causal garments that aren’t worn for exercise or training. A good rule of thumb is that if you plan to do any strenuous exercise in the garment you’re attaching the patch to, don’t use an Iron on backing as the only method to secure your patch.
Pros & Cons
• Great for Ceremonial Clothing
• Best Avoided for Heavily Worn and Laundered Garments
Velcro Backing—Pros & Cons
Most Velcro backing material comes in either a Hook-Sided (male) or a Two-sided (male & female) style. Hook-sided Velcro is well suited for clothing that is frequently adjusted or altered with new patches, such as military garments or police uniforms. Two-sided Velcro patches are ideal for clothing that does not already have a loop fastener attached.
In regards to pros and cons, Velcro backing offers:
• Flexibility (you can remove or reapply your patch at will)
• Durability (you can remove the patch before washing garments which makes it last longer)
• Cons include a lack of permanency for your patch
Adhesive Backing—Pros & Cons
One of the most popular forms of embroidered patch backings is adhesive backing. Convenient, easy to use, and perfect for one-time events adhesive backing is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in a short-term patch application. However, if you want your patch to stay on your garment for a certain amount of time, then it might not be right for you.
Advantages and disadvantages include:
• Ease of Application
• Perfect for short-term use
• Not ideal for long-term patchwork or permanent applications.
Depending on the type of backing you decide on, you will need an expert to design the patch for you in the first place. If you need a custom patch created, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

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