Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

Let Advantage Embroidery be your supplier for custom lapel pins. We routinely manufacture lapel pins for large fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller local businesses, clubs and organizations. Lapel pins are perfect for corporate recognition and a great way to display your logo. Pins are also used as an inexpensive way to recognize promotion. There are five basic types of pins. Cloisonné, soft enamel, photo etched, screen printed and 4-color printed. In all processes, the outer shape of the pin is stamped out from a sheet of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or iron. In the case of cloisonne and soft enamel, the shape and the design are stamped out. The backside of the pin generally gets a butterfly clutch to hold it in place. Whether you want to promote your brand or recognize achievement custom lapel pins are a great choice.

Custom Lapel Pins


  • Cloisonné or Hard Enamel
  • Stamping, Soft Enamel, or Die Struck
  • Photo Etched
  • Printed
  • Alloy

Additional Options:

  • Epoxy Finish – Except Cloisonne
  • Polished – Cloisonne must be polished, other pins optional


  • Buterfly Clutch
  • Tie Tack
  • Long Pin with Bullet Head
  • Safety Pin
  • Tie Bar

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