Woven patches

Woven patches

As an alternative to embroidery we can turn your design into a woven patch. Woven patches have a slightly different look and texture than an embroidered patch. Which patch you choose is a matter of personal preference. Woven patches use a finer thread count so they have have a tighter woven 100% covered finish to them. We prefer to use woven patches on designs that have fine details and very small lettering. This helps to truly capture the various fine details without compromising on the patch quality. They also have a very flat and smooth two dimensional surface unlike the three dimensional raised effect that you get with an embroidered patch. Woven patches can also be used for achieving photographic realism. They are ideal for those of you who want to get patches with designs that use gradients, landscapes and human faces on them, even in very small spaces. Unlike embroidered patches where we can use 12 colors and go very large in patch size, woven patches are more limited size and thread colors. Woven patches can be finished with a laser cut border or if the patch shape will allow a merrowed border. Patch backing options are the same as with embroidered patches. We can use heat seal (iron on), plastic, adhesive (double sided tape), or Velcro backing (hook and loop sides). Deciding between a woven patch and embroidered patch is totally up to you depending on your requirements and needs. If you need assistance deciding between either woven or embroidered patches then please speak to one of our customer service representatives for assistance.

Woven Patches Details:

  • Very accurate and precise small details
  • Ability to have clean and small lettering
  • All woven patches have a 100% tight woven coverage
  • Very flat and smooth surface with two dimensional finish
  • Overall size of patch can be as small as a half inch
  • Iron on, Stick on, Plastic, Velcro backings availible
  • Maximum of 8 colors

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